Amazon Product Research

Here’s the truth that no guru will ever admit to. Just because you did your research and you did all “the right stuff” doesn’t mean the product you are promoting will make money. Yeah, I know, bummer. But don’t get too bummed out just yet. Why? Because that is totally okay! The sooner you accept that not all products are going to make money, the more time and effort you will put in churning out quality reviews of different products. I don’t want you to get stuck with just one product when there’s thousands of potentially profitable ones out there. As an affiliate entrepreneur, I have my own way of doing product research. It may or may not be the best way. But it’s the way that I found profitable and it gave me the best chances of making money as an affiliate marketer on YouTube.

Here’s the entire process.

Step 1 – Amazon Best-Seller I always start with the Amazon best-seller because they are the proven money makers. Now, you just don’t go to the top 100 and choose the most reviewed or most bought product.

There are still other factors to consider. Once you’re in the best-seller list, the next step is to choose a category or department. Personally, I found these ones to be the best for this business model:

Kitchen and Dining
Home and Kitchen
Beauty and Personal Care
Sports and Outdoors

Then I avoid anything related to an electronic device UNLESS the product is from a proven high quality brand. Next, I go look at the sub-category of my chosen department/category.

Step 2 – Top 30-100 in the Sub-Category Next, I look at the top 30-100 products. Then I also consider the price. I only promote products above $50 because I want to make as much commission as I can. Amazon gives around 7%-10%. So the higher the price, the higher the commission.

Once I found a possible product to promote, I also consider if I’m actually using the product or if I even have the product already. It’s not a requirement but it’ll be to your advantage if you’re already using the product. (Note: You can create reviews based on powerpoint slides if you don’t own or use the product)

Step 3 – Read the Reviews The next step is to read the reviews. Is it a genuinely good product? Does it do what it’s supposed to do? Would you even consider buying the product yourself? The answer to these questions should be yes.

Step 4 – YouTube Confirmation Once you’ve read the reviews, go to YouTube and make sure that there are some people also reviewing that product. That means there’s a market for it. If you can find even 1 review of the product on YouTube, then that market may not even exist at all!

Step 5 – Substitute and Complementary Products This is optional but it would be awesome if you can already find products related to the one you will promote. By doing this, you can actually make more money because you can recommend these other products as well on your video review.

Alright, got your product? Did you look at the price? Is the average review at least 4.2 stars? Cool! You now have a product that is more likely to make you money on YouTube. P.S. You can sign up and get your affiliate link here: