Creating an Honest Review

So this is a very tricky chapter to write. Why? Because there is no ONE review method that works for every market. There’s just a lot of factor that goes in making a product review profitable. However, I’m gonna show you what works for me and I hope that it’ll work for you too. I’ll even teach you what to say in the review. Obviously, your review will be different with mine. Different products have different explanations. But what I will show you will serve as the foundation for creating your product reviews. I want you to follow it, then improve it based on your own intuition, knowledge and experience/future experiences.


Step 1 – The Promise The first words out of your mouth should be the promise of what the video is going to be all about. Example: “Hey there everyone, in this video I’m going to give you an in depth look of the product X and in 5 minutes or less, you’ll learn whether this product is for you or not. So stay tuned and let’s get started.”

Step 2 – The Product Next, I usually give a cinematic shot or walk around shot of the product that last for around 10-20 seconds. Move your camera and shoot different angles of the product for the walkaround.

Step 3 – The Main Benefits The first thing that you should mention after the walkaround video is the main benefits of the product.

What is it that’s going to happen once they used this product? What are the things that’s going to change after buying this product? Example: “So let’s get straight to the point. The main benefit of this product is you’ll never have to worry about getting bitten by mosquitos. If you use this product, you never have to worry about your kids getting dengue. You can be proud of yourself that you’re being a good mom by protecting your kids from sickness.” I don’t just talk about the product. I talk about the feelings they will feel when they use the product. I talk about the pain that they will eventually avoid when they buy the product. Most of the products you will promote will have an emotional connection to your audience. You just need to find what it is. That’s why you should read the Amazon reviews as much as you can. 70% of what you’ll say will probably come from the Amazon reviews.

Step 4 – The Features The next step is mention the features of the product. It could be the ingredients or the materials used for that product. Now, you won’t just mention the material or ingredients. You need to connect it to something important. Example: “One of the main ingredients of this shampoo is X natural. What X natural does is it makes sure that your hair is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Having X natural will make you feel comfortable and secure even if you’re out there with your hair exposed from the sun.” Did you see the difference between mentioning the features and explaining the features? Don’t just mention them. Explain their importance too!

Step 5 – The Pros and Cons

The next step is to mention the pros and cons of the product. No product will ever be perfect, and they know this as well. So you might as well just be honest with them. (They will trust and love you more because of this). Example: “Look, this product isn’t perfect, so let me mention the pros and cons I found for this product.” Let’s start with the Pros… -   X -   Y -   Z And here are the Cons of the product… -   A -   B -   C

Step 6 – Who Should Buy It? Who Shouldn’t?

The next step is to mention who should and shouldn’t buy the product. I found this to be very effective in making sure that only the serious ones are buying the product I’m promoting. Not all products you promote will be fit for the whole market. What I recommend is you mention who should and shouldn’t buy the product.

Example: So this product is not for everybody. -   If you’re someone who’s willing to invest more $100 per year for this product, then this is for you. -   If you value quality more than price, the this is for you. However, if you’re not willing to invest X amount of money for this product, then this is not for you. (Just mention anything that would qualify them for the product. Each product is different so you will put different things on each review.)

Step 7 – What Other People Are Saying Next, mention what others are saying. This will boost your conversion because you’re not just saying the product is great. You’re now showing that other people find in great too. Example: “Look, I don’t want you to think that I’m hyping up this product just for you to buy it, so here are some of the feedback from other reviewers on Amazon.” (read 2-3 reviews from Amazon)

Step 8 – Buy This Next, just simply ask them to buy the product.

 “By now, you should have a better idea if this product is for you. If it is, then I recommend that you buy it through my Amazon affiliate link below. I will make a tiny commission and that will help in me, creating more of these honest and in depth product reviews. Just click the Amazon link below and it’ll re-direct to the Amazon product page. Thanks for the support!” 

Step 9 – Other Product Recommendation This last step is optional. You can end the review in step 8 or you can also mention other cheaper alternatives. Example: “Look, before I end this review, I just want to mention these 2 other product that you should also consider if you think that this one is too expensive for you. They’re great and they will save you money if you really can’t afford the one that I just reviewed. Now, the X product (the one you reviewed) is better but I want to give you as much option as you can have. Check out these products by clicking the link below. Thanks!”