Recording Tools

 Here’s the friggin’ truth. You absolutely don’t need any fancy cameras to do this. I use an iPhone. That’s it. End of chapter. Just kidding. Here are some other tools that you may find useful.

#1 – Tripod

For most reviews, you’ll be in front of the camera and the camera needs to be set in just one place. A tripod would help a lot because it gives you the flexibility to put it in different places so you can test different angles of your video review.

#2 – Any mic plugged in your phone

I usually just used the earpods that comes with the iPhone. It’s always better to have a high quality audio because it helps in making the viewers stick with your video.

#3 – QuickTime Screen Recorder (or any other free ones)

If you don’t want to be infront of the camera, well you can just review the product while youput the camera in front of the product itself. If it’s something you can’t do because you don’t own the product, then you can also create a slide presentation through keynote or powerpoint. With your slides, make sure that you put product images to show what it actually looks like. And for recording, you can use mac’s free recording software or you can just search for free alternatives on Google. Seriously, there’s hundreds of free ones out there. Don’t think about this too hard.

#4 – Ring Light

If you’re in a low light situation, a ring light definitely helps accentuate you or the product. This is a worthy small investment in my opinion.

#5 – Green Screen

Want to do some slightly fancy editing, then use a green screen. Just make sure that you’re using modern backgrounds and not some cheesy 90’s green screen background.

 #6 – iMovie or any free editing software

For editing, I just use iMovie. For non-mac users, then search for “free video editing software” on Google. If you can find any, then you should just quit everything not do this at all (that means you’re not searching). On to the next step…creating the review.